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Aladdin Wallet has unique features which help us stand out from the rest. We revolutionize the way you perform crypto transactions through our chat messaging platform.






We have designed our wallet to be easy-to-use, benefiting all our users, technophobe or junkie alike. Our interface is modern and hip, designed to work well with different mobile units and operating systems.


Our app has a fast and easy-to-use interface, which will allow you to perform your transactions instantly. We have tested it with different mobile devices to ensure compatibility.


We are making use of various security features to ensure you will have a seamless and secure crypto experience. We have incorporated modern security measures like facial recognition, two-factor authentication, and others.


Our app is created and maintained by many teams collaborating to provide you the most sturdy crypto wallet. Think of it in the same way as you would a physical fiat wallet - you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Amazing Features

We are not your typical crypto wallet. Aside from providing you seamless crypto transactions and support for a plethora of cryptocurrencies, we have incorporated various technologies and security features on our app to let you experience the magic of today's innovations.

Send Crypto By Chat

Our mobile app has a unique feature that allows users to make cryptocurrency transactions possible through its built-in chat messaging function. With this, sending cryptocurrencies can be accomplished as casually as sending a chat message to your peers.

Secure Payment Gateway

Our teams are working together from different offices situated around the world to provide you a seamless crypto experience. We have professionals dedicated solely monitoring crypto transactions done, and we are always on the lookout for possible security threats.

Always Innovating

Along with our chat messaging function, we are always looking for innovative features to incorporate to our app. We are actively looking for new technologies and solutions to provide better options for people to process payments and store their money.

User Manual

Learn how to use the Aladdin Wallet through our Aladdin Wallet Manual! This manual shows a quick overview about Aladdin Wallet's account registration process and features.


What is Aladdin Wallet?

Aladdin Wallet is a secure and multi-asset blockchain wallet that you can take wherever you go. It is a secure messaging and asset storage app built for a seamless and modern way of crypto transfer.

How does Aladdin Wallet work?

Aladdin Wallet works similar to a messaging app: just chat to start a conversation and begin making transactions. By revolutionizing the chat feature, you can talk and send or receive cryptocurrencies from the person you are talking to.

Where can I get the Aladdin Wallet?

Our Aladdin Wallet app is available for various Android and iOS mobile applications. Download it on Google Play and App Store and have a pleasant crypto experience.

What are the details I need to provide upon registration?

Aladdin Wallet requires you to provide your full name, mobile number, and email address. These are required also as part of our KYC measures.

What are the benefits of using Aladdin Wallet?

The Aladdin Wallet's interface is very user-friendly and simple. It is easy to navigate and could be accessed anywhere through your phone. It also supports a wide-range of cryptocurrencies that will make transactions more convenient to the users. Also, users can benefit from a 24/7 technical support team that will respond to your needs, as soon as possible.

How is Aladdin Wallet different from other wallets?

Aladdin Wallet is a more convenient, secure, and transparent wallet. It is designed to utilize the chat feature into sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. With the biometrics and 2FA mechanism, it proves to be secured than other wallets. Also, users can click the contact they want to send the coins or tokens to and double check the amount before sending it. This will be hassle-free and removes the problem of sending your crypto to the wrong recipient.

What are the cryptocurrencies supported by the Aladdin Wallet?

Aladdin Wallet supports an array of cryptocurrencies, and will continue to add more in the coming updates. It will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, XLM, ADA, TRX, Bitcoin SV, DASH, MIOTA, NEO, ABBC Coin, and more tokens in the future.

How do I register an Aladdin Wallet account?

First, you have to download the Aladdin Wallet app on your phone. Click signup and verify your phone number to start using the app.

Does Aladdin Wallet have 2FA?

Yes. To provide better security, Aladdin Wallet implements a two-factor authentication. Users can put their Secret Key in the Google Authenticator app and input the OTP in the Aladdin Wallet app for successful verification.

Which are the details I need to provide upon registration?

You only need a valid phone number to register an Aladdin Wallet account.

I forgot my password. How can I login to my Aladdin Wallet account?

Click the Forgot Password and put your registered phone number for us to send you a Verification Code. Once received, put the code in the Aladdin Wallet app to reset your password.

Do I have to logout my account every time I'm not using the Aladdin Wallet app?

We highly suggest our users to logout from their Aladdin Wallet account in case of inactivity. This action can be done to avoid hacking issues and account manipulation.

How can I send/receive money through the Aladdin Wallet?

By taking advantage of its simple interface, you can send or receive money through chatting. You can simply choose which cryptocurrency you want to send and input the amount you want to transfer.

How long do I have wait before a transaction is successfully done?

As a decentralized platform, Aladdin Wallet cuts the time for your transactions to be processed by a significant margin compared to other centralized online platforms. It removes intermediaries, thereby allowing you to send and receive cryptocurrencies as fast as blockchain technology can currently allow.

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