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Looking for a wallet that you can use on-the-go? With the ABBC Mobile, you can send, receive, and stake your crypto! No hassle and no worries, we got you covered!

ABBC Mobile is the 2.0 version of ABBC's digital crypto wallet. It will allow users to have full control of their crypto assets and enables them to conduct fast and secure peer-to-peer transactions.

Faster Transactions

With the mainnet upgrade, this wallet can handle more than 5,000 transactions per second. This high throughput performance will allow users to send cryptos without hassle. Less waiting time as you can send your cryptos without any delays.


This wallet app is compatible with Android and Apple devices. With a mobile-responsive structure, you can use the ABBC Mobile without difficulty. With its unique backup feature, wallet recovery can be done in case of a damaged or lost device.

Top-level Security

In order to keep the user's crypto assets out of danger, the ABBC Mobile intends to be a stabilized and well-protected digital crypto wallet. It has integrated advanced security features including mnemonic phrase, email verification, and biometrics.


This enhanced wallet allows the creation of multiple accounts to provide the user's convenience on accessing their cryptocurrencies in a single wallet. Instead of having multiple cards, you can now keep track of all your accounts in one place.


Amazing Features

We offer you a next-generation wallet service that fits the demand of every crypto user. With this Generation 2.0 wallet, users can take full control of what they own and benefit from the all-inclusive features integrated within the wallet.

Non-Custodial Wallet

The ABBC Mobile gives users full control of their crypto assets by giving them their own private keys and mnemonic phrase. This will guarantee that no intermediary will get a hold of your stored cryptocurrencies, ensuring its safety against unauthorized access.

ERC-20 Transaction Support

The ABBC Mobile supports more than 1,600 ERC-20 tokens, allowing extensive asset storage. This enables the wallet to handle all sorts of crypto transactions. Additional token types will be added in the future to allow the users to diversify their portfolio.

Resource Management

The ABBC Mobile allows users to allocate resources for CPU, NET, and RAM. By staking ABBC, you can benefit from zero-cost transactions. With this advanced feature, you can easily check and monitor the number of available resources you have in your wallet.


User Manual

This step-by-step guide will allow you to easily set up your ABBC Mobile app. Learn how to register, migrate funds, and backup your accounts in this comprehensive manual!


Download ABBC Mobile!

The ABBC Mobile app is a multi-crypto wallet that offers the most secure and easiest way to store cryptocurrencies. Grab yours now through the official app stores. Always keep your ABBC Mobile updated to optimize the full potential of the app.

User Interface

ABBC Mobile is designed with the goal of providing the best experience to our users. Check out these screenshots to provide you a preview of the wallet app's interface and integrated features.



Are you scared for your cryptos? We offer you the Aladdin Pro Wallet, a secure and multi-asset blockchain wallet that provides the best crypto wallet security to enable seamless crypto transfers.

As it redefines crypto security by deploying multi-layer protective measures, it intends to safeguard each user's account by encrypting every registered information.

Easy To Use

This wallet is made to be compatible with different mobile units and operating systems. To guarantee a frictionless experience to users, the interface is designed to have a simple wallet dashboard and a barcode scanner to ease transactions.

Real-Time Alerts

Users will get real-time notifications every time the Aladdin Pro Wallet will have modifications. Enable this feature to allow your device to receive important news such as your transaction status and any security concerns within the app.

Detailed Transactions

Providing total transparency, the Aladdin Pro Wallet ensures that both the recipient and the sender can see all details related to a specific transaction. These include the amount sent, confirmation count, status, and TXID, among others.

Reliable Storage

To let our users easily manage their diverse crypto portfolio, we have integrated a feature that aims to allow the secure and integrated access point to crypto assets. Select the crypto that will be displayed on your wallet dashboard.

Amazing Features

Perfect for those professional traders and users who want to have a trusted wallet service, the Aladdin Pro Wallet is the right choice. Offering crypto asset protection on the next level, users can experience the benefits of this wallet's advanced features.

Secure Payment Gateway

Being a secure payment gateway, the Aladdin Pro Wallet utilizes unique mobile device identification and location detection. Users can only access their wallets on the device used upon registration. Any withdrawal attempts from a new location will be reviewed.

Extensive Asset Support

Users can take advantage of the extensive asset support integrated within the Aladdin Pro Wallet. You can conveniently send or receive different cryptos without switching from one account to another as the wallet enables efficient multi-currency transactions.

Impenetrable Defense

With the highest level of security layers, the Aladdin Pro Wallet stands to deliver world-class protection of crypto assets. The defense mechanism of the wallet is made to be robust via the voice verification feature, mnemonic phrase, pin code, and biometrics.

User Manual

Need some help in creating an account? Go through this detailed Aladdin Pro Wallet manual to learn how to set up the wallet, enable security features, and migrate funds.


Download Aladdin Pro Wallet!

We are delivering an excellent crypto wallet defense with the Aladdin Pro Wallet. This is a top-tier wallet service that we offer to those who want to step up their crypto experience. Download yours soon on Google Play and iOS Apple stores.

User Interface

Aladdin Pro Wallet is designed with crypto traders and users' best interests in mind. Check out these screenshots to see a preview of the wallet's security-oriented interface and latest features.

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